Black Clover: Ranking Every Arc From Worst To Best


In Chapter 339, released on October 3rd, Asta is beginning to learn an advanced technique called Zetten that requires him to harness both his anti-magic and ki. Asta's time in the Land of the Sun is already growing increasingly more interesting as he meets Asta's sister and the Shogun of the country, who he says is comparable to the Clover Kingdom's Wizard King.

In order to defeat Lucius, Asta needs to gain the necessary power to stop him from destroying humanity in seven days.'s current arc is still underway and only has a few chapters under its belt so far. However, it does have ten amazing complete manga arcs already.


The Royal Capital Assault Showed The Character Of The Captains

The Royal Capital Assault arc is the third arc in the series and has Asta visiting the capital of the Clover Kingdom for the first time. This arc does a great job of reintroducing the captains of the other Magic Knight squads, especially Fuegoleon and Nozel.

These two showcase their rivalry well and how their clashing ideals make them interesting candidates for the future Wizard King. Fans also get to see a glimpse of these two in battle against the Eye of the Midnight Sun and a shocking scene of Fuegoleon brutally injured with his arm missing.


The Eye Of The Midnight Sun Encounter Showed Yami's Strength

The Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter arc is one of the first major arcs where the Black Bulls come into contact with the members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

It's also the arc that offered more depth into Gauche's character and his questionable devotion to his sister that has made many fans incredibly uncomfortable. This arc showcases the powers for the first time of one of the , Yami, as he fights against Licht in a battle of dark magic vs.


light magic.

The Magic Knights Entrance Sets The Story Up Well

The Magic Knights Entrance arc is the first arc in the series that begins by showing the unique rivalry between Asta and Yuno, as well as their goal to become the Wizard King. Asta unlocks his powers for the first time, showing fans a unique ability called anti-magic in a world of magic.

The exact trials Asta faces are fantastic as fans see him contrast with the other would-be Magic Knights that test their magical abilities.


Asta's best moment shines when he fights against Sekke and is chosen to be a member of the Black Bulls by Yami.

The Dungeon Exploration Was The Perfect Fantasy Arc

Fans of dungeons in fantasy games like or might find themselves in love with the Dungeon Exploration arc as Asta, Noelle, and Luck enter their first dungeon together. This arc brings them into contact with Yuno, alongside key Golden Dawn characters for the future, Mimosa and Klaus.

The villains they face off against are Magic Knights from the Diamond Kingdom, and fans get to see what is considered Asta's first tough fight against Mars, one of the


and a Magic Knight that wields both crystal and fire magic. The character bears a dark past, similar to Zabuza fromwhere he had to slaughter his former classmates as a child.

The Seabed Temple Saw The Black Bulls Display Their Best Teamwork

To retrieve another one of the Magic Stones, the Black Bulls take their journey to the Seabed Temple. Initially, this started as the members play a game in order to win the Magic Stone. However, this takes a turn for the worst as the Eye of the Midnight Sun infiltrates.


This arc is excellent because of how it pushes the Black Bulls members and shows extraordinary teamwork between them. Characters like Finral and Vanessa shine for the first time as they aid Asta in battle against Vetto, which was easily the best battle of the arc.

The Witches' Forest Made Vanessa One Of The Best Characters

The Witches' Forest sees Vanessa returning to her roots, giving her character deep background. There is quite a bit going on in the arc with Asta unlocking his demon form, the return of the Diamond Kingdom, and the emergence of the strongest spirit, Salamander.


It's really Vanessa who shines in the arc with her backstory and her relationship with the Witch Queen, one of the Furthermore, this arc sees her amazing new spell called the Red Thread of Fate created in the form of a cat that can, for a brief bit, reverse time.

The Elf Reincarnation Gave A Mass Revival To The Elves

The Elf Reincarnation is one of the largest arcs in and is the conclusion to the Eye of the Midnight Sun Saga that encompassed most of the series. While not many fans were surprised that Licht and Vangeance shared a body, most were shocked at the sudden reincarnation of the Elves and their takeover of many Magic Knight's bodies.


This arc helped solidify Asta, Yuno, and Noelle as some of the Clover Kingdom's strongest and most valuable Magic Knights. It also gave further depth into the history of the Clover Kingdom and how exactly the Elves were driven to extinction. The demon, Zagred's appearance was bone chilling and was a perfect setup for the future demons to come.

The Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Finally Brought The Heart And Spade Kingdoms Into The Story

Fans had been highly anticipating the other two kingdoms they hadn't seen yet in the series, the Heart Kingdom and the Spade Kingdom, and this arc was able to deliver both.


The Heart Kingdom gave fans a glimpse of one of the most beautiful kingdoms in the series with excellent world building.

Meanwhile, the Spade Kingdom set up menacing villains known to fans as the Dark Triad, featuring the Zogratis family that were all possessed by devils much like Asta. This arc gave a new feel to the series edging closer to dark fantasy with Tabata's gritty artwork of the demons and their gruesome scenes.

The Spade Kingdom Raid Saw The Downfall Of The Demons

The Spade Kingdom Raid arc was the final arc in the battles against the Spade Kingdom that saw the downfall of some of


--the Dark Triad, as well as the all-powerful demon, Lucifero. Each member of the Zogratis family was defeated uniquely, with even Magna defeating Dante, something that stunned fans.

This arc gave incredible moments for Asta, Noelle, and Yuno as they unlocked new forms against the demonic forces. While this arc was no doubt amazing, it did have a few issues, with many fans feeling there was far too much plot armor and practically no causalities among the protagonists.

The Royal Knights Is Black Clover's Tournament Arc


The Royal Knights arc is still, without a doubt, the best arc in . Most fans of shonen anime and manga love seeing tournaments and the Royal Knights arc does just that as the Magic Knights compete to see if they are qualified to join the ranks of the Royal Knights, a group organized to defeat the Eye of the Midnight Sun once and for all.

This arc gave several characters complex backstories like Langris, Rill, and Zora. It gave a unique dynamic between Langris and Finral developing both characters in intriguing ways. The whole arc was beautifully executed and was the perfect way to introduce the many characters that would participate in the Elf Reincarnation arc.