Chainsaw Man's Denji Transforms In Pixel Perfect Fan Animation

The of the popular anime and manga series, Denji, is a badass character capable of wielding chainsaws on command, with a new fan animation bringing his bloody and brutal Chainsaw Man transformation to life with pixel-perfect precision!

Recently shared on social media via Instagram, Juan Rosa () is a talented nerd artist specializing in making art using tiny colored pixels to create images any anime and manga fan can appreciate. Pixelizing popular characters from , , , , and even , Juan never disappoints with an art style that ensures his , and on the occasion that he chooses to animate his images, move and flow just like their anime counterparts.

A young man who strives to hunt devils and spill their blood in as many violent ways as possible (he’s also inspired by one other NSFW thing we can’t exactly mention here), Denji can turn into a human-devil hybrid complete with deadly chainsaws poking out of his arms and head which he uses to murder and maim any foes before him. A form made available after his , fuses with his heart to keep him alive, Denji is a character that's good at what he does despite his pervy nature, traits that push the story of along at a bloody and hilarious clip that fans have come to know and love.

Chainsaw Man's Denji Gets A Perfect Pixel Makeover

Deciding to animate a still image of Denji that Juan had previously posted, this short gif animation immediately comes across as something that captures the spirit of well. Starting the clip with Denji in his human form, Juan animates him pulling his Pochita-provided ignition cord in his chest, . Next showing Denji keeling over a bit only to rise back up as chainsaws erupt from his arms and head in bloody fashion, Juan ends his animation with Denji in full chainsaw mode, completing the pixelized look with spinning accents on Denji’s saws, smoke popping out of his helmeted head, and the energetic bob and weave of a Devil Hunter looking for a fight.

Seeing Denji in a totally different medium is not just fun to see but with Juan perfectly animating his pixelated transformation on top of it, fans are treated to something truly unique for the character that can’t be seen anywhere else. while running around in his hybrid form, and now with this new take on his iconic chainsaw look, he can do so with a flair only Juan Rosa (@juna.ros) can provide!