10 Best Quotes From Chainsaw Man Part 1

Fan rejoiced with the recent news last week that MAPPA's anime adaptation of the highly popular will have it's worldwide premiere on Oct. 11. Tatsuki Fujimoto's work has received wide attention for his dedication to upend the world of shonen by flipping the script, melting it down, and pouring it into the tank to fuel his creative works.

His writing has been noted as being simplistic and easy to follow yet retaining a semblance of deeper meaning by the time a reader has finished his works. Tatsuki admitted as much when discussing his creative process with fellow mangaka Samura Hiroaki, author of . For its success so far, is easily Tatsuki's most quotable work yet, and the eleven-volumed Part One is riddled with fantastic quotes. Ranging from their absurdity to their surprise poignancy, does not disappoint in its dialogue.

I'll Turn You Into The Baddest Of The Badasses


Every Shonen deserves a training arc, and Chainsaw Man is no different. After the events with the Katana Man, Denji and Power are assigned to train under the strongest Devil Hunter in all of public safety, Kishibe. An alcohol-addled middle age man who closely resembles a particularly known Danish actor, Kishibe is blunt to a point and is not one to be trifled with.

His training of the hybrid and fiend is the most brutal form of education one can get. It is he who instills in Denji the idea to think more outside the box and to not always rely on intellect. But what he truly succeeds in is making Denji the toughest devil hunter there ever was.

All Devils Are Born With A Name


Sometimes a little expositional dialogue is needed for a story as expansive as Chainsaw Man is, and there is no better character to exposit than Makima herself.

The power of devils in the realm of are basic at best compared to the curses/villains of , yet they all represent humanity's biggest fears: "The More That Name Is Feared, The More Powerful The Devil Itself." Sea Cucumber and Tomato Devils are more than likely to be on the weaker side, would tend to instill the most fear, as the Manga has shown with its eponymous protagonist.

I Love Me Some Bad Guys!


"Cuz Nobody's Gonna Complain When I Murderize 'Em!"Denji isn't known for mincing words, and his lack of tact when dealing with the enemy can sometimes be hilariously on-the-nose.

Denji is the definition of a character who speaks before they think and acts before they speak, so it's only fitting that they're the one character to add an "ize" anywhere they see fit in the most .

It's So Great Having An Addiction


Everyone has a vice, whether it be something small and harmless or something more damaging. However, they all have one thing in common: they offer a temporary escape. In animanga, there is no shortage of chain-smoking characters, and is no different. In their dangerous lives, they sometimes need something to take the edge off.

When being a part of a profession that roughly has a thirty percent survival rate, it's easy to forgive people for indulging in a vice to alleviate fear and stress. However, Himeno may take it a bit far as she easily smokes a pack a day and is a sloppy drunk; she indulges where she can, and it's not always ideal. After seeing so many of her buddies drop like flies one after the other, it's a surprise that she hasn't gone full Kishibe yet at this point.

Watch This Denji! And Tell The Tale!


There is no denying that the blood-fiend, Power, has a way with words. She's always managing to sound more "dignified" than they really are by shoving a "'tis" in every sentence she utters. Power is truly the personification of someone who picks up words randomly to make themselves sound smarter.

Yet the way she articulates her speech makes her more that of an amateur Dungeons & Dragons player, and readers wouldn't have it any other way. She is easily one of the best characters to be featured in the Manga, and it will only be a matter of time before viewers of the anime will find themselves quoting her reciting of "how Power is the strongest of them ALL!"

Enemies Are Enemies...We're Only Using Them

Aki Hayakawa

If there were a list of the most tragic characters in all of Chainsaw Man, Aki Hayakawa would definitely top the list. With that sentiment, though, he is also the from beginning to end.

From his introduction, Aki was dead set on eliminating the threat that is the Devil's that plague the world. After all, it was the Gun Devil itself that gunned down his entire family. His mission has been absolute to collect all the Gun's pieces of flesh in order to eradicate it. But along the way, he learned to care for a certain pair of devils even at the cost of his own revenge, making the added irony of having "no intention of getting friendly with one" all more resounding.

...Devils Fear [Hunters] With A Few Screws Loose.


After seeing Denji in action, Himeno remembers the age-old saying from Kishibe about devil hunters from her drunken sensei about how the unpredictable and irrational fools are the ones to scare devils the most.

This is even later proven true in the clash between the Doll-Devil, Santa Claus, when they cannot comprehend the mind of an immolated Denji in the midst of their heated battle. It's irrational to try and understand the irrational.

Everybody's After My Chainsaw Heart!


Denji isn't usually a character to say something so profound about anything that transpires around him. Yet, from time to time, he is shown to be slightly intelligent enough to pick up on the subtlest of clues of his situation and comment on it.

This is proven further in the Bomb Girl arc, where he finds himself easily falling for Reze, another impressionable girl that enters his life. When it's revealed that she is a foreign agent assigned to claim the heart of Chainsaw Man, this ultimately breaks his heart. More so considering that he realizes that every woman he's met has tried to kill him at one point, making it more heartbreaking when he realizes nobody wants his love.

Truly Necessary Evils Are Always ... Controlled By The State


Makima does not mince words after delivering an entire Yakuza gang's loved one's eyeballs. It should be no coincidence that of all the characters to describe themselves in the perfect sense would be none other than Makima.

This is set up way before she is ultimately revealed to be the Control Devil, and yet her actions beforehand still show that she is the epitome of necessary evil. Her various contracts with the various powers that be across Japan have made her become the ultimate woman in control. She can only control those she believes are "beneath" her, so this could be interpreted that the only one she could never truly control was the Chainsaw Man themself.

Will There Still Be Crappy Movies?


The final confrontation between protagonist and antagonist isn't so much about the clash of fists as it is the clash of ideals. Once Makima's true goals are revealed in the Control Devil Arc, it becomes apparent how she means to achieve them through any means necessary.

Denji's tale is one of stagnant growth, he doesn't mature intellectually by any means, but he does come to understand the world around him. So when he directs a question regarding Makima's true aim to remove everyone's agency for the sake of peace, he asks in the most personal way he can. It's his affirmation to believe that happiness can only be truly appreciated when there is suffering or, in this case, terrible movies.