One Piece: Luffy and Blackbeard May Be Fighting Sooner Than Expected


Warning: SPOILERS for One Piece chapter #1064The most anticipated battle in may be happening sooner than expected, as Luffy and Blackbeard are almost ready to clash for . While many believe this will be the final battle in the series, Blackbeard may actually already have everything he needs to find the hidden island of Laugh Tale and claim the One Piece treasure, meaning that his confrontation with Luffy is not so far ahead in the future.

Blackbeard is perhaps the most vicious villain in the entire series: he is mischievous, opportunist, and cruel like only the worst pirates can be. However, Marshall D. Teach also has many parallels with the protagonist Luffy, including sharing the same, outrageous goal: finding Gol D. Roger's treasure that awaits on Laugh Tale and becoming the new Pirate King. To find that mysterious island,


, precious slabs of stone from an ancient civilization that, when put together, show the way to Laugh Tale. The inscriptions on the Poneglyphs, however, need to be translated, and only a handful of people in the world are able to do that. Due to recent developments in , Blackbeard may already have everything he needs to reach Laugh Tale.

Out of the four Road Poneglyphs, one was kept by the Mink Tribe on Zou, one by Kaido in Wano, and one by Big Mom on Whole Cake Island, while the fourth's location is unknown. The first two have been copied by Trafalgar Law, who has been ambushed by Teach and his crew. Some hints point to the fact that


, which means he is only missing Big Mom's one and the means to read it, but chapter #1064 of shows that he has just acquired both. Both the cover story and the chapter itself confirm that two Blackbeard Pirates, Aokiji and Van Augur, have infiltrated Whole Cake Island, taking advantage of Big Mom's absence, and kidnapped her daughter Pudding, who has the power to understand every language.

Why Blackbeard Already Has Everything He Needs To Become The Pirate King

It's very unlikely that Aokiji and Van Augur did not take this chance to also steal Big Mom's Poneglyph, even if this was not shown in the manga. If goes as expected, and if Teach really has the fourth mysterious Poneglyph, then the vicious villain does have everything he needs to find Laugh Tale and claim the One Piece and the title of Pirate King. The only hope left for Luffy and the Straw Hats to beat him is that Pudding has not yet awakened her ability to hear the "Voice of All Things" and thus understand the Poneglyphs' script, which gives them precious time. Furthermore, Pudding was Sanji's promised bride not too long ago, which means that, when they hear about the kidnapping, the Straw Hat Pirates will rush to her rescue, triggering a confrontation with the Blackbeard Pirates in the near future.

Many readers believe that , but the author Eiichiro Oda seems to be moving things in a different direction, as all signs point towards the epic battle between Luffy and Blackbeard happening much sooner than expected.