10 Best Anime Series For Fans Of The Halloween Films, Ranked


concludes the decades-long battle between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. The eternal rivals have been at it since the late '70s, but their now-iconic war had finally reached a much-deserved conclusion, thus closing a chapter in cinematic horror history.

Fans might be understandably sad to say goodbye to such an iconic character as Laurie Strode. However, those looking for similar gory fun after should check out anime that boast several similarites. Sharing the same vibe and chilling thrills as the numerous Michael Myers projects throughout the years, these anime will please fans of gore and horror.


10/10 High-Rise Invasion

A high school girl arrives at an unknown city of skyscrapers and hanging bridges where she becomes the target of a group of masked killers. When she realizes her brother is also trapped within the city, she allies with other teenagers to rescue him and stay alive but begins second-guessing her every step.

has the spirit of a classic slasher, featuring a final girl running from a dangerous masked figure. The series is far from a classic slasher in the vein of the


franchise, but it shares enough themes with the genre to make for a satisfying viewing for fans of Michael Myers.

9/10 Another

centers on Kōichi, a transfer student who befriends the mysterious Mei. When gruesome murders occur around him, Kōichi becomes involved in a dangerous mystery.

Featuring a twisty and pleasantly shocking plot, blends elements of the psychological thriller with straight-up horror elements. Like the franchise, much of the scares come from the enemy's unspecified and unclear nature, which makes it even more dangerous.


is an anxious and effective nightmare that will leave fans thinking long after the credits roll.

8/10 Future Diary

, and is a worthy entry into the genre. The story centers on twelve individuals who receive a "future diary," an item that can predict the future. A god-like figure known as Deus Ex Machina then puts them to the test, telling them the last one standing will inherit the universe.

blends urban fantasy and horror elements to craft a unique story. By focusing on several characters at once, the series explores several archetypes in horror, the same approach


takes. Viewers might not want to get too attached, though, as these stories seldom go as planned.

7/10 Beautiful Bones

Sakurako Kujō is a girl with a morbid fascination for human bones. She rejects human contact, save for her assistant, Shotaro, and prefers to spend her time analyzing skeletons and discovering new secrets about the person they used to be.

might not be as shocking as other horror anime, but it has a distinct macabre vibe that makes it instantly memorable. Like Laurie Strode, Sakurako has a strange interest in the morbid.


Others might find it strange, but they ignore them, remaining solely and staunchly focused on their grisly interests.

6/10 Monster

Unnerving and thought-provoking, is among the most affecting anime in recent memory. The plot revolves around a Japanese surgeon living in Germany whose seemingly quiet life becomes disrupted by the arrival of one of his former patients, who's also a serial killer.

ranks as in the anime world, making it a perfect spiritual companion for the series.


Both projects care about the psyche of their monsters, trying to answer the complicated questions behind their evil nature.

5/10 Unimeko When They Cry

focuses on the Ushiromiya family, who gather on a secluded island to divide the ailing patriarch's assets. When mysterious and seemingly supernatural murders happen, the family begins suspecting the culprit is the Golden Witch, supposedly the source of their vast wealth.

Michael Myers has acquired an increasingly supernatural quality to the point where he isn't considered human any more by Laurie or anyone else in Haddonfield.


Thus, will make a nice follow-up to Michael's last stand, keeping viewers on a journey of supernatural terror in a secluded and controlled environment.

4/10 Corpse Party: Tortured Soul

By far one of the most gruesome anime in history, is not for the weak-hearted. The plot follows a group of students transported to the dangerous Heavenly Host Elementary School, where they become prey to the vengeful spirits of the students who died there.

makes even seem like child's play. The series is among the most violent entries into the anime world, featuring shockingly graphic visuals that will make Michael Myers' exploits look like a walk in the park.


3/10 King's Game The Animation

A mysterious figure known as "the King" sends simultaneous messages to an entire class, forcing them to follow his orders or risk death. As the requests become increasingly dangerous and extreme, the students must find a way to stop the King's madness and save their lives.

The King takes a more direct approach to stalking his victims than Michael Myers, but both figures are equally menacing. Their power comes from the mystery surrounding them, which leads others to believe them invincible.


exploits its eerie atmosphere to the fullest, crafting a wicked exercise in tension and claustrophobia.

2/10 Paranoia Agent

follows the lives of multiple characters in Musashino, Tokyo, whose lives have been marked by the serial killer Lil' Slugger. Imbued with a dream-like quality, is an excellent entry into the ever-expanding horror genre.

In that Michael's true power is the fear he provokes. His shadow looms large over Haddonfield, and his memory lingered on the small town's inhabitants even while he was locked away in the sanatorium.


These themes of fear and escalation are the basis for , a series that will undoubtedly satisfy fans of the new series.

1/10 Junji Ito Collection

The horror anthology adapted from Junji Ito's work, aptly titled , is a must-see for horror fans. The series includes twelve episodes containing two segments and two OVAs, thus adapting 26 stories in total. adapts Ito's best-known works, including Tomie and Nagai Yume.

Although an anthology, will satisfy thrill-seeking horror fans on a high after watching Michael Myers' latest killing spree. The series features a collage of stories and scares that cover everything from psychological to supernatural horror, providing a complete journey through the dangers of the human psyche.