Super Dragon Ball Heroes finally gives Demigra the recognition he deserves


The latest arc of has seen the series’ popularity soar amongst fans, as fan-favorites from various games and other media sources appear. This latest formula for the fan-praised alternate universe crossover series has been incredibly successful and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The latest episode of especially proves this, thrusting Demigra into the spotlight in an exceptionally engaging fashion. Originally coming from the video game, both fans of the game and those who haven’t played it seem incredibly excited to see the focus affixed to Demigra.

Demigra’s appearance has fans excited for future of crossover series


As mentioned earlier, Demigra is originally introduced to the franchise as the main antagonist of . was released long before , making his inclusion in the latter media incredibly exciting for both those who know of him and those who do not.

Demigra’s goal is to destroy history in order to create a new one, which would see him reign freely as the God of Time rather than the current titleholder, Chronoa. The game sees the player's character fight against him as a member of the Time Patrol, directly opposing Demigra's goals and views.


He’s described as having a god complex, clearly believing to his core that he is an almighty god who deserves to rule over all of time and the universe. He also refuses to be bound by the Laws of the Universe or yield to the Supreme Kai of Time, feeling he is more deserving of the role than her.

All this paints a picture of an arrogant, proud, overly confident Demon who enjoys toying with enemies. He’s also shown to be incredibly patient and tenacious, having spent 75 million years trapped in the Crack of Time while still planning and plotting all the while.


Many regard it as one of the creepier parts of his personality, with his appearances thus far also showing this side.

Fan reactions

Upon Demigra’s debut, which saw him kill , fans instantly seemed to have high hopes for the character. Having always been lurking in the shadows of the series up to this point, many expect him to become a “powerful and dangerous Dark King,” even more so than predecessors Fu and Mechikabura.

Fans also immediately noticed how patient, planning, and tenacious Demigra can be, which are key aspects of his personality. Many fans are already calling him patient, cunning, and intelligent based on the initial execution of his plan alone.


With the previous two Dark Kings doing great things for the plot of , fans of the series have high hopes for Demigra.

Fans also seem to be honing in on the design for Demon King Demigra seen in the series, which appears to be slightly updated from his design. Without a doubt, his overall design and aesthetic is most definitely a treat for any fans meeting him for the first time.

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