Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War episode 3 sets off Wandenreich vs. Soul Society while Ichigo takes on Sternritter Quilge Opie

is out with an action-packed battle between Substitute-Shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo and Sternritter J Quilge Opie. This episode will act as the foundation for future episodes as fans get an idea of what Sternritters are capable of. Whatever fans had previously learned about the Quincy was only the tip of the iceberg, as the episode left them as stunned as Ishida.

Tite Kubo's has been on an amazing run since the anime's return. Each episode makes its fans nostalgic through its moments. This episode is successful in doing the same as well, as fans finally witnessed Rukia's first appearance, nearly 10 years after the original stopped airing. With Wandenreich finally having attacked the Soul Society, fans will get to see more familiar faces.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War episode 3: Ichigo vs Quilge Opie ensues, Wandenreich attack Soul Society

episode 3, titled , starts off from where episode 2 left off as attacks Ichigo upon encountering him. Quilge makes use of Hirenkyaku, which makes Ichigo almost certain that his enemies were Quincy. However, Quilge decides to confirm it to Ichigo as he attacks him with his weapon. But to Quilge's surprise, Ichigo turned the attack around.

This was when Orihime and Sado finally reached Ichigo's location, as he chose to leave Nel with them so that he could focus on the fight. Having witnessed Ichigo able to hold his attacks, Quilge decides to get serious. Ichigo remarks how his attacks were stronger than Ishida's, which surprises Quilge as he finds it improbable that his powers were stronger than Ishida's.

Seeing Ichigo curious to find out how Quilge knew of Ishida, the latter chose to activate his Letzl Stil, helping him reach his form Quincy: Vollstandig. Ishida had previously used Letzl Stil as a last resort, through which he had lost his Quincy powers. However, there was no need for Quilge to resort to this, as he explained to Ichigo how Ishida's Letzl Stil was an outdated version that Quincy had stopped using around 200 years ago.

Quilge was able to overpower Ichigo with his Quincy: Vollstandig as Ichigo was glad that his technique wasn't the same as Ishida's, as he considered it to be ugly. That comment fueled Quilge's desire as he absorbed Reishi from his surroundings, including living beings and Orihime's Sotenkishun. As Quilge was about to strike, Tres Bestias's pet, Ayon, started attacking Quilge, and the three women were finally back on their feet.

While Ayon was able to obliterate him, Quilge was not dead, as he struck back and proceeded to make use of his ability, Sklaverei, a Quincy technique that makes use of a Quincy's basic ability in the most effective way. In doing so, Quilge managed to absorb Ayon and turned himself into an evil entity, which is when Ichigo attacked him after activating his Bankai.

Back in the World of Living, Ishida suspected that the enemies who attacked Ichigo and the were Quincy, and thus he tried to look for answers to the same. While his father tried to stop him from learning the truth, Ishida managed to learn about the past through the notes in his father's study room, as he rushed out of the room.

Meanwhile, the Soul Society was preparing for war against the Quincy. As they weren't aware of the enemy's base, they had to stay ready for any surprise attack. While the preparations were taking place, in a conversation between Captain-Commander Yamamoto Genryusai and Squad 12 Kurotsuchi Mayuri, it was revealed that it was Kurotsuchi who had ordered his men to kill the citizens in the Rukon District to balance the souls of the Living World and the Soul Society.

Later, as the Shinigami had taken their positions at the gate, the Sternritters, led by , attacked the Seireitei. They were able to infiltrate the facility, as the whole place was engulfed in blue flames.

Final Thoughts on Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War episode 3

The war had finally begun with Wandenreich's attack on Soul Society. The Sterntitters had already taken down some of the Shinigami, engulfing the Soul Society in blue flames. Sternritter B Jugram Haschwalth was leading the Sternritters' attack on the Shinigami as he declared that the Sternritter were there to eliminate them.

With each episode becoming more interesting, fans are eagerly anticipating the next episode soon. Fortunately, episode 4 titled will be released on November 1, 2022.