“It’s a stupid show about lame people”: The Real Reason Charlie Sheen Hated His Cameo On The Big Bang Theory

We all seem to love the 90s American entertainment industry when cult classic movies and epic series were a part and parcel of daily life. After the globally acclaimed sitcom FRIENDS became a major success, directors and producers became interested in making similar sitcoms. Although not all of them succeeded on the global platform, surely The Big Bang Theory isn’t one of them. The epic series dating back from 2007 went on for 12 years until 2019 when the series ended on a happy note. Despite being a major success, a handful of actors from the series itself, like Charlie Sheen, seem to dislike the show. 

Recently, Sheen revealed his wild theory for the success of The Big Bang Theory, amid stating his dislike, irrespective of his cameo. Since the news of Jim Parsons leaving the show uninformed, broke out, several stars seem to come up stating their dislike for the show. 

Guest star Charlie Sheen revealed his dislike for The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory has been a great success on a global scale with its 279 episodes airing from 2007 to 2019. Filled with guest stars and known faces the series reached the mark of perfection as many say. But, (there’s always a but) the show, irrespective of its success, experienced loads of negative reviews from audiences all over the world. 

Guest stars, directors, and prominent faces from The Big Bang Theory claimed to have faced criticisms from fans and viewers. Multiple guest appearances who were requested for a cameo, turned down the offer despite their interest, for they found it vague. One of the well-known guest stars  had a cameo in the show with a single-line dialogue, despite finding the show ““. 

According to a recent revelation by Sheen about his dislike for the particular show, when he shared “I’m sorry, but Big Bang Theory is a piece of s***”. He further added, “it’s a stupid show and it’s just lame, about lame people.” Regardless of his dislike for the show, Sheen had a brief cameo in The Big Bang Theory legacy, with a single-line dialogue in season 2 in The Griffin Equivalency episode.

Charlie Sheen shares his wild presumption about the success of The Big Bang Theory

Charlie Sheen seemed quite adamant about not giving a damn about the show, despite his cameo. No matter how much he disliked the show, and further slammed it for its context, Sheen revealed to have enjoyed the cast of The Big Bang Theory. 

The cameo actor pointed out that the guidance given behind the scenes was worthless. A similar opinion was shared by the Star Trek icon  who was begged to make a cameo in the show. Shatner claimed the instructions behind-the-scenes were vague and shared “I’ve had several conversations with the creators, and what they wanted me to do, didn’t seem to be exactly right”

Amidst the entire controversy of vague instructions, Charlie Sheen shared his wild theory for the success of the show. He didn’t seem to mix his words when he said the show Anger Management playing before The Big Bang Theory is the true reason for its success. The series Anger Management was a slapstick sitcom that apparently bored the audience to such an extent that they couldn’t raise their expectations of The Big Bang Theory, making it a success. 

Charlie Sheen seemed to make a harsh assessment of the show, although he rooted for the actors, especially after being on set and going through the crazy guidance.