10 Strongest Female Characters In Chainsaw Man, Ranked


Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the manga and anime.

With the manga beginning serialization in Summer 2022, and the anime set to begin airing in late 2022, the women of have been receiving mountains of praise and attention, which they more than deserve. And thanks to the excellent writing of creator Takatsuki Fujimoto, all of these women are well fleshed out and have commanded the ranking of popularity polls.

Each female character is well written and every one of them is extremely powerful, dangerous, and in many cases some of the strongest characters in the series to date.


They will be ranked on both their unique powers as well as their ability to utilize said powers.

Kobeni Higashiyama

Introduced as a Devil Hunter recruited into Special Division 4 "Makima's Squad," Kobeni is immediately portrayed as anxious and self-deprecating. As she only took the job wishing to support her family with a steady paycheck, her actual drive to kill devils is almost non-existent and she quickly gives up.

Though Kobeni is a coward, she is still an accomplished and efficient fighter.


Kobeni has an impressive amount of agility and at one point fights a high-ranking devil single-handedly with just a knife and pure athleticism. She also has a devil contract and while the devil has not been formally revealed, if paired with her agility it will lead her to become an extremely dangerous combatant.


Prinz, the incarnation of the Spider Devil, was recruited into the Makima Squad as a fellow Devil Hunter after she was hunted down and chose to join Makima rather than be killed.


As Devils powers come from the level of fear humans feel towards what they embody, in Prinz's case spiders, she is an incredibly powerful devil.

As a Devil, Prinz can heal by consuming human blood, as well as being essentially immortal as any devil killed on Earth goes to Hell, and any devil killed in Hell goes to Earth. Her ability to submerge herself in walls and the ground as well as the ability to summon certain people anywhere makes her a formidable foe.

Akane Sawatari

Akane is a human and former Devil Hunter who has a contract with the Snake devil.


  As she is incredibly distrustful of Makima, she decides to make a contract with the Gun Devil who is the most infamous devil known in an attempt to destroy Makima.

On top of summoning the Snake Devil, Akane has the ability to pseudo revive beings which she uses to great effect against the Makima Squad. So while she isn't the strongest, her ability to revive powerful allies at the cost of her nails makes her a dangerous and frustrating opponent when she fights alongside another powerful foe.



Himeno was formerly a devil hunter and member of the Makima Squad and was the original who is the current mentor to series protagonist Denji. She also served as one of Denji's bodyguards when the threats to his life from the Gun Devil dramatically increased.

As a veteran devil hunter, Himeno was exceptionally gifted at hand-to-hand combat and was shown to kill and fight on-par with many devils as well as instantly beating Kobeni in mock combat. Himeno sacrificed her eye to the Ghost devil and while she could only use a small portion of its power, she was able to fight incredibly efficiently.



Cosmo is the Cosmos Devil as well as a fiend which is a devil that inhabits a human corpse. She alongside Pingtsi, Long, and Tsugihagi are members of Quanxi's harem, though most characters know nothing more than the fact that she is only able to say the word "Halloween."

While odd, Cosmo's true powers are incredibly frightening. When she uses her powers on others they are granted all of the knowledge the universe holds, yet the toll is so great from that point on her victims can only chant the word Halloween.


If she gets in range to use her powers, nothing can stop her.


Reze is a young woman seemingly in her early 20's who lives her life as a college student while working at a coffee shop to get by. She is introduced as one of the few women who had the potential to be a love interest for the main character Denji. However, she is in actuality a Russian assassin sent to dispose of the Chainsaw Devil.

As the Bomb Devil, Reze holds tremendous power which in addition to her assassination training makes her a dangerous foe going on to kill dozens of Safety Division officers.


As she holds close to no regard for harming herself when transformed as a Devil, she often explodes parts of her body to obtain the upper hand in fights and is a highly unpredictable fighter.


One of the three main members of the Makima Squad alongside Denji and Aki, Power is . She's the most beautiful and smartest being on the planet, at least according to her. In actuality she is homicidal, a habitual liar, a thief, ignorant, and always ready to run away from dangerous situations even if it means abandoning her comrades to save herself.


As the Blood Devil, in addition to the powers all devils possess, Power can manipulate the blood within her body at will to create essentially any weapon she can think of. Even with Power being forcibly deprived of blood she was able to contend with multiple higher ranking devils as well as revived Denji from the brink of death.

Master "Santa Claus"

The entity known as Santa Claus pertains to the person who is contracted by the Doll Devil. The current user "Master" has no known name as "Santa Claus" works in complete anonymity.


Their introduction comes from the Gun Devil making contracts with various Devils and Devil Hunters aiming to kill Denji the contractor of the Chainsaw Devil.

The power of the Doll Devil allows the user to turn humans into corpse puppets through contact to amass an army of mindless soldiers. It is speculated that even "Master" may not have been the main contractor of the Doll Devil and was merely a puppet herself. The anonymity behind the true power of "Santa Claus" means they could be anywhere and everywhere with no one knowing where an attack may come from.



Quanxi is a former Chinese Devil Hunter who eventually grew bored and took on the role of mercenary and assassin and obtained the ability to call upon the powers of the Arrow Devil. While technically human, Quanxi is one of few Hybrids who though assimilating a devil, has the power to turn into one at will.

Quanxi is an unrivaled expert hand-to-hand combatant who uses immense speed and superhuman strength to destroy opponents quickly. whose only limitation in killing opponents is the durability of her swords, which she showcased by killing dozens to hundreds of Dolls in an instant. This along with her ability to heal as a devil makes her an almost impossible enemy to kill and many devil hunters died attempting to do so.



Makima is revealed to be the secret manipulator of the entire Devil Hunter association and the embodiment of the Control Devil. Her ultimate goal was to utilize the inherent powers of Chainsaw Man to destroy the concepts of all Devils and make a utopia. Though her ideals sound good, she is not above killing anyone and everyone to make her perfect world.

As the Control Devil Makima can completely manipulate any being she feels she is stronger than, ranging from taming dogs, to forcibly using others Devil abilities at will. She is physically strong enough to fight any opponent single-handedly and a master tactician. Though not explicitly stated, it is probable that the Control Devil is a Primal Fear Devil which number among the strongest of all Devils in existence.