Black Clover: What Your Favorite Character Says About You


Asta and the rest of the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom have become some of the most popular characters in anime since premiered in 2017. Each of the characters in the series has a distinct personality, compelling backstory, and incredible powers.

Every fan of the series has a favorite character, and this choice can say a lot about a person. By reflecting on the attributes of their favorite character, fans could learn more about their own personality, strengths, and weakness.

Magna Swing


Magna is one of the first members of the Black Bulls to accept Asta as a fellow Magic Knight. Fans of Magna may act tough, but deep down they are loyal friends and care greatly about how they are perceived by people they respect.

Magna has a short temper even compared to the other members of the Black Bulls, and he is rather blunt and loud. He's also very dramatic and is completely unapologetic about his personality. During their mission to Raque, Magna boldly wore a loincloth at the beach instead of a swimsuit, which proves just how confident he is in himself. Magna is not afraid to be authentic and won't let anyone cramp his style.


Mimosa Vermillion

While Mimosa appears to be one of the most polite and sweetest characters in the series, she also has a hardness to her. Fans of Mimosa are sincere people who are naturally kind and use their talents to help others.

Despite growing up as a noble, Mimosa does not look down on others. For example, Mimosa admires Noelle for her hard work and is inspired by Asta's will to never give up. She is also rather clumsy and gets embarrassed easily, especially when she thinks about her feelings for Asta.


Finral Roulacase

Finral may be a shameless flirt and self-confessed coward, but he is also a loyal friend. Fans of Finral are realists who can easily see the big picture and avoid fighting at all costs as long as other options are available.

He is easily excitable and tends to react to stressful situations in an overly dramatic or comedic fashion. Although he initially has low confidence, he is occasionally with his abilities, such as when he is able to defeat his brother during the Royal Knights Exam.


Amongst the Black Bulls, his leadership abilities are second only to Yami's, and he possesses a subtle intelligence that makes him a very versatile Magic Knight.

Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa is one of the most emotionally intelligent and intuitive members of the Black Bulls. Fans of Vanessa are comfortable in their own skin and prefer taking things easy rather than getting worked up during stressful situations.

While she acts aloof, she is actually very caring, such as when she agrees to return to the Witch Queen in return for her help healing Asta.


Luck Voltia

Luck is also one of the . Fans of Luck are extremely independent and competitive, although they can work in a team when it suits their needs.

Luck is easily excitable, especially when faced with the prospect of a difficult fight. His tendency to play jokes on his fellow teammates, particularly Magna, can cause him to irritate his teammates, but they all take his humor in stride, as his laughter is infectious and he is well-intentioned.

Julius Novachrono


The current Wizard King is not just the leader of the Magic Knights, he is also obsessed with magic. Fans of Julius love to throw themselves into their passions and are natural leaders who feel a strong urge to protect and guide their subordinates.

Julian is also extremely wise and does not judge people based on their social standing, but rather on the content of their character. He is a kind man who is motivated to help others to reach their potential, and he serves as an unselfish guardian of the people of the Clover Kingdom.


Yami Sukehiro

In addition to being the captain of the Black Bulls, Yami is also its most dangerous and respected member. Fans of Yami are may be hot-headed, but are also extremely competent and like to attack problems head-on rather than beat around the bush.

Yami's warrior training has made him extremely perceptive, which makes him an excellent judge of character. While he expects his subordinates to rise to his expectations and to overcome their limits, he is not needlessly cruel and only assigns his subordinates missions that he knows they can accomplish.


Noelle Silva

At times arrogant, Noelle is also very kind, and hesitant to hurt others. Fans of Noelle are hard-working and capable of great deeds.

Noelle has strong feelings for Asta, but her emotions because she does not trust her own heart. Although she has a hard time admitting when she is wrong, Noelle is also the hardest on herself. Thanks to the influence of Asta and her other teammates, Noelle slowly gains confidence in her own abilities and learns to trust in her own power.



From birth, everything has come easily for Yuno, but despite his natural talent, he is not proud or arrogant. Fans of Yuno are always calm no matter how dire the situation but also incredibly tenacious and strong-willed.

Unlike others who mock Asta for having no magic, Yuno never puts down his best friend and even goes out of his way to defend Asta. He is very blunt and does not hesitate to say what he thinks. Yuno is considerate of others' feelings though and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his friends.


His courage and confidence in himself are a product of his growing up with Asta and these traits make him both a great friend and Magic Knight.


Despite his lack of magic ability, Asta never loses faith in himself or his dream of becoming the Wizard King. Fans of Asta never know when to quit and are able to stay confident even in the face of overwhelming odds.

, Asta learned to develop a good sense of humor and he laughs easily and often. His non-judgmental, forgiving nature allows him to make friends easily and to open his heart to others, even his enemies.