9 Quotes That Are Funnier Today Than They Were In The '90s In Friends!


1. Chandler Buys A Laptop: 
"Check Out This Bad Boy. Twelve Megabytes Of RAM, 500 Megabyte Hard Drive. Built-In Spreadsheet Capabilities..."

2. Chandler Flexes His Computer: 
"We'll Put Their Names In Bolds With Different Fonts And I Can Use Different Color For Each Column."

3. Chandler Talks About The Internet: 


"So It Seems Like This Internet Thing Is Here To Stay, Huh?"

4. Rachel's Modern Idea Of A Fairytale: 
"What If He Calls His Own Cellphone To Find Out Who Found It And I Answer And We Start Talking And We Fall In Love."

5. Joey Inspects Pete's Videophone: 
"For A Rich Guy, He's Got A Pretty Small TV."


6. Rachel Jumps On Ross' Back To Prevent Him From Hearing Her Drunk Voicemail: 
"...Hang Up The Phone. Give Me The Phone!"

7. Ross' Response: 
"You're Over Me? When Were You... Under Me?"

8. Chandler Gets Danielle's Answering Machine: 
"Oh, Danielle. I Wasn't Expecting The Machine. Give Me A Call When You Get A Chance... [Rattles Coins]"

9. Phoebe's Observations About Monica's Answering Machine Chaos: 
"Yeah, I Think After This, He'll Be Doing That Himself."