'Big Bang Theory' Cameras Had To Stop Rolling When An Audience Member Said "Ew" At This Leonard and Penny Scene


started in 2007 and despite its decade plus run, the sitcom is still being talked about by fans years after its end. Fans weren't ready to say goodbye and neither was the cast, especially Kaley Cuoco.

Will a reboot take place? That remains to be seen but for the time being, let's take a look at a moment that took place off-camera, with an audience member interrupting a certain scene between Penny and Leonard.

'Big Bang Theory' Had Plenty Of Outtakes And Unscripted Moments


The show ran for 12 seasons but in truth, it could've continued for another five at least, given fan interest. Not only was the show a major success on-screen, but behind the scenes, it proved to be just as great among the cast, with so many memorable moments that took place off-camera.

We can watch the blooper-reels all day, which features the likes of Jim Parsons breaking character. Fans will argue as to which moment among the outtakes is the best, though , while trying to keep a straight face for the cameras... let's just say it wasn't exactly easy.

The show also featured a few unscripted moments, which were kept on the program.


Fans didn't notice, but this took place more than a couple of times, including , that was not part of the script and instead more so the actor having a hard time keeping things together.

Fans called the best unscripted moment after creating Leonard and Penny's new roommate agreement. When Parsons threw the papers in the air, one happened to get stuck in the back of his head. Somehow, he was able to keep a straight face, salvaging the almost impossible unscripted moment.

The audience also played a role in a certain episode.


Let's just say that Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco weren't exactly thrilled with the reaction.

An Audience Member Didn't React Pleasantly To Leonard Wanting To Dance In His Underwear

The episode saw Leonard want to let loose, as Sheldon finally settled on sleeping elsewhere for the night. In an effort to finally do what he wanted, Leonard came up with the idea to dance in his underwear. However, during the initial take, it seems like an audience member wasn't thrilled with the idea, saying "ew" after Galecki's line.


Cuoco broke during the scene, saying "I'm sorry, she said ew," while laughing it off. Hilariously, the two would also point out the audience member and asked them to leave, jokingly of course.

The moment can be seen on compilation of the top improvised scenes and bloopers at the 6:00 mark.

Fans that watched the scene had a different opinion as to what had taken place. The fanbase was instead loving Leonard's antics, especially how his confidence grew in the final seasons.

Fans Had A Different Opinion About The Scene


The actual scene with the audience interruption was viewed by millions on TV and thousands on platforms like replaying the scene. Fans had a different outlook, praising both Galecki and Cuoco for the hilarious moment.

"Leonard got so much more attractive when he became more goofy-confident." This comment seems to be an outlook shared by lots of fans.

"If you have your own place, why NOT dance in your underwear? Points to Leonard."

"How in the hell did Kaley keep a straight face when Johnny was doing the Pulp Fiction dance? I laughed out loud.



"Oh Man, their both Dancing and Leonard and Penny are both Geniuses."

Another fan made a great observation, stating that Leonard was dancing in the same underwear as in the original episode.

"When you realize his underwear is the same ones as in the first episode."

It was truly a great scene, once again showing the brilliance of the sitcom. To this day, fans continue to search for unscripted and forgotten about moments, something that surely won't change any time soon.