Chainsaw Man Characters : All Characters And Powers Explained


With its October release, has quickly become one of the most celebrated anime of 2022. The show follows a human named Denji and his various encounters with monstrous devils.

The anime has a very large cast of characters, including devils, humans, and fiends. Among them are some of the most likable and unlikable characters in any shonen anime. Thankfully, characters are complex enough that some stand out as more likable than others.


Makima was one of the first characters introduced in the


anime. She took Denji into the Public Safety Special Division, but with some intense stipulations that involved him working for her as a "dog."

Makima is clearly one of the . However, she's also obviously manipulating Denji and his feelings from the very start, and her treatment of him as a pet from the very beginning of the series is wrong.


The most fearful member of the Public Safety Special Division, Kobeni's introduction isn't far off for anime fans. She's a fan-favorite, certainly, but she isn't exactly the strongest member of Kishibe's team.


Not particularly skilled or smart, Kobeni is a character who can be frustrating to watch due to her constant state of fear in almost every situation. However, her cause for working at the Public Safety Special Division is certainly noble.


The Shark Fiend, Beam, is a major supporting character and one of the many fiend/devil characters who work under Public Safety.

Beam, like most fiends and devils, is one of the simpler characters in the series. He seems to be the only person who views Denji with any level of respect, which makes him a unique character in his own right.


However, his hyperactivity and one-dimensionality can be grating.


Himeno is Aki Hayakawa's partner under Special Division 4. She's one of the more experienced devil hunters in the division, and she proves Kishibe's theory that devil hunters "need to be a little crazy."

With the attitude of a constant partygoer, despite the horrific job she faces, Himeno often makes the best of a bad situation. She'd be even more likable, were it not for the constant poor decisions she makes while partying.



Denji is the protagonist of and one of the out there, especially compared to the average level of devils in his world.

But while Denji is one of the most unique characters in the series, he can still be frustrating. Denji's a very realistic portrayal of a teenage boy, but make his "goals" any less eye-roll inducing for fans. Additionally, his complete obsession with the manipulative Makima can be frustrating.



anime fans should look forward to meeting. She's also one of the most interesting characters in the series, with plenty of great quotes.

Reze's relationship with Denji is one of the best parts of second act, and few characters in the series became so memorable so quickly. Manga readers know just how fascinating Reze is, and anime watchers are in for a treat.

The Angel Devil

The anime established very quickly that devils and fiends work with Public Security, so it should be no surprise that one of the most lovable characters in the series is a devil.


The Angel Devil is another one of Aki's partners with a unique philosophy on life. The odd dichotomy of their two identities makes them one of most interesting devils. They not only make for a complex character but a great partner for Aki, as well.


Aki Hayakawa is undoubtedly one of the of all time, or at least is headed that way, given the events of the manga.

No character in is as dedicated to killing the Gun Devil as Aki and his dedication has led to years of tragedy with the Public Safety Special Division.


Without Aki's leadership, Power and Denji would run even wilder than they already do.


Power finishes off the main trio of with a bang. The explosive fiend is one of the funniest characters in the series in both the manga and early episodes of the anime.

Being a fiend, Power isn't always the kindest or most empathetic character in the series. However, her wild personality makes her one of the most enjoyable to watch. She also has important and serious moments to help balance out her wackier side.



Mentor characters in anime have a habit of stealing the show. Public Safety Devil Hunter Kishibe joins Kakashi, Gojo, All Might, and more as an all-time great anime mentor that guides the protagonist to their full potential.

Kishibe's wisdom and abilities are among the greatest in the series. His role as Denji and Power's mentor is crucial to the series, and he's arguably the kindest character in the series despite his stoicism and gruffness. The proclaimed strongest Devil Hunter in the world may ultimately be the most lovable.