Spy X Family: The Main Cast, Ranked By Intelligence


The spring 2022 season of anime has been one of the best in ages for slice-of-life anime, and has been one of the season's biggest stars.

Most fans know and adore the show for the titular spy family: the Forgers. However, there are plenty of other fantastic characters that help lift the series. The major players may all be special, but it can't be denied that some of the cast are brighter than others. In a series with brilliant spies and spoiled rich children, it's to be expected that some characters will be more gifted intellectually.

Emile & Ewen


Fans may know Emile and Ewen better as Damian's Sidekicks, seeing as they don't get nearly as many lines or actions as the antagonist's second son does.

Emile and Ewen are shown to be regular elementary school bullies who don't exhibit the same level of imperial scholar-level academic skill as Damian Desmond. They're likely a bit smarter than fellow student Anya Forger at an academic level, but they've been shown to lack common sense and are mostly satellites for Damian.

Anya Forger


Anya Forger is the daughter of the show's main family. She currently is a grade school student at Eden College, where she studies with fellow students Becky and Damian.

There's no doubt that very few anime characters are . She's one of the most precious and wholesome characters in the genre, but unfortunately, she isn't very bright at all academically. What she lacks in scholarly talent she makes up for in high emotional intelligence, as even without her esper powers she excels at uniting Yor and Loid.

Yor Forger


Yor Forger is the mother of the main family and sister of Yuri Briar. She currently works as a civil servant and part-time assassin under the nation of Ostania.

 and is skilled in many practical ways, but in terms of raw intelligence, she leaves much to be desired. She readily believes Loid at almost every opportunity (no matter how ridiculous his excuses) and struggles to come up with believable reasons for her own behavior. Yor also seems to be too scatterbrained to help Anya with homework.



Camilla is the most prevalent of Yor's work associates and is often a minor antagonist in Yor's work situations. She's also the girlfriend of Dominic, a friend of Yor's brother Yuri.

Camilla isn't seen as particularly bright or dull throughout the series, but she's certainly come across as pointlessly mean to a fault. Her least intelligent moment has been the prank she attempted to pull on Yor with a hot plate of food, which backfired in her face and caused a minor burn. Ultimately, Camilla is the most average character in the series in terms of intellect.

Becky Blackbell


Becky Blackbell is the child of the incredibly rich Blackbells, who have notably worked with the father of Damain Desmond and the main target of Loid's operation: Donovan Desmond.

Becky has been shown to be a great friend of Anya as well as a fairly bright child. She seemed to understand the course material in the first few episodes well and was shown to have a philosophical side when she talked to Anya about how shallow humans can be. Becky is likely the second smartest of the students at the academy.

Damian Desmond


Damian Desmond is a scholastic prodigy and the second son of Loid's main target: Donovan Desmond, the chairman of the National Unity Party.

Damian is considered very likely to become an imperial scholar, and for good reason. He excels at academics and has received elite scholastic training. Despite his intelligence, he does have one key weakness: his developing crush on Anya. His flustered attitude and conflicting emotions over falling for a "commoner" seem to put even Damian at a loss for words.

Yuri Briar


Yuri Briar is the brother of Yor Forger. He currently works as a member of the Ostanian Secret Police, the natural enemy of protagonist Loid Forger's organization.

Yuri was clearly a brilliant child in many of Yor's flashbacks, and he's obviously very smart and cunning in normal circumstances. However, his love for his sister makes him wildly unintelligent and gullible. Yuri has classically developed a , a smarter character, and it's a rivalry mostly born out of jealousy over Yor.

Henry Henderson


Henry Henderson is the housemaster of Anya, Becky, and Damian's class. He functions as the main mentor figure and the series and is in love with the concept of "elegance."

Henderson at times is played as both a comedic relief character and an empathic mentor, but his high intelligence is spoken for by his position. Eden is one of the most prestigious schools in all of Ostania, and Henderson is one of the most prominent figures at the school. Few characters in the series have that level of prestige and academic skill.

Franky Franklin


Franky Franklin is Loid's closest friend, main spy informant, and arguably the most prominent character in the entire series outside of the main family.

Franky may be seen as goofy, but he's easily one of the most brilliant characters in the series. Not only is Franky an expert informant capable of securing almost anything for Loid, but it's mentioned that Franky even invents some of Loid's spy gear. He also has his share of other forms of intelligence, giving Loid very sound advice about living as a spy.

Loid Forger


Loid Forger is the father of the main family and the protagonist of the series. He works as a spy for the country of Westalis intelligence agency known as WISE.

capable of almost anything. Loid is shown to absorb any level of information like a sponge, and his ability for preparation and sleight of hand is almost superhuman. Loid demonstrates his abilities in Anya's interview by going so far as to bug the interview room, memorize everything about the interviewers and school, and prepare three changes of clothes in case of emergency.