Which Spy x Family Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


The smash-hit which is about to wrap up its first season, is so popular with fans not just for its outrageous comedy and heartwarming moments, but its colorful cast of characters as well. Each of them is memorable, funny, and has a strong personality.

The Western zodiac assigns star signs based on the day and month of birth. The sign a person is born under is meant to determine much of their personality traits. Since fans do not know the characters' birthdays (indeed, some of the characters themselves have no clue when they were born), they are left to extrapolate based on their behavior.


Camilla - Virgo

Camilla is a fairly minor character, but her personality makes an impact. One of Yor's office coworkers, Camilla is consistently baffled by Yor's socially awkward behavior and often hostile towards her. In the episode "Secure a Wife," she is fiercely jealous upon learning that Yor has a husband, and tries to publicly embarrass Yor to break them up.

Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgos hold themselves and everyone else to high standards, often leading them to be easily frustrated and judgmental of others at their worst.


Despite their short tempers, they are reliable and hardworking: Camilla is good at her job and, later in the manga, agrees to help Yor learn to cook.

Sylvia Sherwood - Libra

Loid's higher-up and handler in the WISE spy organization, Sylvia is responsible for making sure Operation Strix goes smoothly. She keeps her agents in top shape and does everything she can to project the image of a strict, emotionless consummate professional. However, she has a strong emotional motivation: she will do absolutely anything it takes to prevent war from breaking out.


These qualities align most closely with the Libra sign, of those born between September 23 and October 22. Libras hate violence and are extremely conflict-avoidant, matching with Sylvia's fervor to keep the peace. She is also highly productive in her line of work and one of the .

Franky Franklin - Aquarius

Loid's closest friend and often a close collaborator as well, Franky is an information broker who happily provides Loid with all the intel and equipment he needs to succeed in his mission.


In contrast to Loid's stoicism, Franky is easygoing and laid-back, characteristic of the Aquarius sign.

An Aquarius, born between January 20 and February 18, is typically eccentric and spontaneous, able to make friends easily though closeness is another story. His tendency to go all-out in the things he finds most fun is spotlighted in the episode "Will They Pass or Fail," in which he rents a castle and calls in dozens of WISE agents so Loid can reenact Anya's favorite spy cartoon, gleefully playing the villain in the scenario.

Henry Henderson - Capricorn


Henry Henderson is the oldest professor at the prestigious Eden College and is absolutely dedicated to upholding the sky-high standards of the institution. Despite the young ages of his students, he holds them to strict standards and insists that everything be high-class and "elegant!" His zeal for the idea often lends itself to over-the-top comedy.

His behavior most closely aligns with the Capricorn sign, of those born between December 22 and January 19. Capricorns are extremely set in their ways, and value discipline and self-control above all else. They are good in management positions but sometimes struggle with ideas that divert from their view of how the world should be.


Becky Blackbell - Aries

When she first gets into Eden College, Anya doesn't fit in very well and doesn't have many friends. However, the only exception is Becky Blackbell. Despite being as wealthy and blue-blooded as the rest of the student body, she doesn't look down on Anya for being less well off and is quick to defend her from bullies.

Aries are born between March 21 and April 19. Like most Aries, Becky is energetic, outgoing, and a natural leader. She can be insensitive sometimes due to her blunt honesty but is accepting of different social statuses and personalities in her circle of friends.


The more withdrawn Anya is sometimes taken aback by Becky's strong personality.

Damian Desmond - Scorpio

The second son of war hawk politician Donovan Desmond, Damian comes to Eden College with a big chip on his shoulder. Determined to succeed so incredibly that his father will have to notice him, he often acts arrogant and disdainful of others. He is particularly baffled by Anya, who, unbeknownst to him, is trying to befriend him to help with her father Loid's mission.

He most closely aligns with the Scorpio sign, of those born October 23 to November 13.


He is passionate and fiercely determined, refusing to get ahead with underhanded tactics. However, his lonely background makes him distrustful and suspicious, which is why he clashes so often with Anya: though she thinks she's being very forward in her attempts to be his friend, he often has no idea why she does what she does and assumes the worst.

Yuri Briar - Leo

Yuri masquerades as a civil servant but is really a member of Ostania's secret police. Unaware that his sister , Yuri considers it his life's mission to protect her.


However, this makes him not only furious at the idea that she's married to a stranger but shortsighted enough to miss that said husband is a foreign spy.

Like many Leos, signs born between July 23 and August 22, Yuri is a smart, confident, and caring man at heart, deeply grateful to his older sister for raising him and determined to protect the country she lives in, in return. He is also prone to wild dramatics and tunnel vision when upset: Loid notes in the episode "Show Off How In Love You Are" that if Yuri weren't so obsessed with his sister, he could have easily noticed that Loid is his natural enemy.


Yor Forger - Cancer

, Yor lives a secret life as the master assassin Thorn Princess. She is incredibly strong and skilled in combat but is timid and awkward in her civilian life. She often has trouble adhering to social norms, a fact that distresses her greatly. Despite this, she is intensely protective of her loved ones, her anger and her killer instincts flaring when they are threatened.

She fits the Cancer sign, of those born between June 21 and July 22, to a T. Her family is her absolute highest priority, from her biological brother to her husband and adopted daughter.


Despite being cold and ruthless at her real job, taking on strong enemies without an ounce of fear, Yor at her core is highly strung and sensitive.

Loid Forger - Taurus

The master spy Twilight, working under the alias Loid Forger, is practical, down-to-earth, and lives completely for his work. These qualities make him , skilled in deception and infiltration for the sake of peace. They also make him a quintessential Taurus (which, incidentally, is most compatible romantically with Cancer signs like Yor).


The Taurus, born between April 20 and May 20, is highly logical: though Loid's logic is often misguided, his inexperience with normal life leading him to take outlandish things at face value, he still lives according to it. He is committed to his duty as a spy and can stick out the longest of missions, satisfied with receiving no reward but the peace his success will bring.

Anya Forger - Pisces

In some ways, Anya is a typical first grader: playful, excitable, and eager to impress her parents and peers.


In many others, she's like no other kid out there: Anya is telepathic, and though she's in on everyone's secret thoughts all the time, they are filtered through her childish perspective and she often doesn't know what to do with them.

She is a pitch-perfect Pisces, born between February 19 and March 20. She is often shocked and unnerved by unfamiliar situations (or frightening thoughts she doesn't understand), and sometimes struggles academically and socially, but this never deters her for long. She is highly imaginative, unafraid to speak her mind, and empathetic toward others.